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Now is the time to start planning for spring planting. AgriTec offers ortho-phosphate liquid fertilizers, starts, soil treatments, micro-nutrient blends, slow release nitrogen, and foliar feeds with free delivery. AgriTec’s liquid products have proven to produce the highest yields and healthiest crops, by supplying the plant with the most readily available form of nutrients.

Liquid fertilizer is 100% available from the moment it hits the soil. This provides key nutrients for improving germination and speeding up plant maturity right from the start. Dry fertilizers take time to break down. That time delay misses a very important window in the plants early life to start a strong healthy crop. Ortho-phosphates are easy to apply either broadcast, in furrow, or through a side dress program. Allowing you to target the plant and provide the nutrients directly to the key zones.


9-18-9 is best applied to crops such as corn, hay, wheat, cotton, and sorghum. 9-18-9 provides a slow release nitrogen that will insure efficiency of nutrient absorption and distribution, ortho-phosphate to insure immediate availability to boost germination and early growth, and potassium to increase plant health and disease resistance.


3-18-18 is best applied to legumes or in conjunction with other liquid nitrogen on non-legumes that need a boost in K. The small amount of nitrogen jumpstarts nitrogen production and fixation early in the plant, while the ortho-phosphate and potassium accelerate early growth, and set the crop up from optimal production.

Starters and Soil Treatments

AgriTec offers the highest quality soil treatments and starters, to kick-start plant growth and lead to a healthy strong crop. This provides the foundation in the plant for the highest production possible, while ensuring the necessary nutrients are readily available to the plant to produce higher growth.


P.G.S. is a seed started and foliar feed that is formulated to improve seed germination, and root development. P.G.S also improves stress tolerance, increase the strength of the plant to resist the elements, such as poor weather and lack of moisture, and to fight of disease.

Humic Acid

Humic Acid is concentrated organic matter. This raises the cation exchange capacity (C.E.C) which allows nutrients in the soil to move more easily to the plant, and allows more efficient nutrient distribution from germination throughout plant growth.


Bio-Activator is a soil treatment and seed started that provides a blend of micro-nutrients and minerals that increase the carbon energy of the soil, and provide very important nutrition to the plant to increase growth throughout the life cycle.


Form-14 is a slow release nitrogen mixed with micro-nutrients and minerals, to treat the soil and start seed. The nitrogen provides a very accessible vital nutrient for the plant, while the micro-nutrients increase the health of the plant and carbon energy of the soil. This increase in carbon energy speed up photosynthesis. In turn that leads to faster plant growth, providing a basis for higher fruitation and production. Combining this with any program will lead to higher yields, and healthier crops.


My beans did better than my neighbor , I averaged 5 to 8 bushels more per acre. Eric Oeljten  Lamar 2019

Rob , I am increasing my order this a year I tried Form 14-72 last year on my beans and you could tell where I ran out of product that are did 20 bushels more per acre right at 82 bushels.  I used Advance cal on my corn and the results were great I average over 290 bushels per acre. My best year ever. Larry Ehrke 2018

"This is my first year using a trace mineral product. I was raised on this family farm, and this year's crops were the best I have ever produced. Before beginning to foliar feed my alfalfa with Gro_MIN-TEC products (after the first cutting), I had noticed aphids in the fields. Just one day after first applying Gro_MIN-TEC, the bugs were either gone or dead.

The second and third cuttings were the best I have ever had; and the alfalfa looked good going into the winter. My corn yields were significantly better this year, and the ears had fewer and shallower dents than in previous years. Our good soybean fields yielded 62 bu/acre (more than double what I harvested from these same fields last year). The beans were incredibly green and vibrant looking." -Bruce Anderson

" I applied C4 ( GroEnergizer) with the second application of roundup on soybeans for several of my customers and they averaged right at 7 bu more overall. Multiply that times $10 beans and it is a great return. Everyone was happy!”-Commercial Applicator SD

“The soybeans just exploded on C4 (Gro-Energizer)! We saw a tremendous difference after only 1 application of C4 (Gro-Energizer)! I was skeptical at first; but Gro-C4 is the real deal!” -Kevin, IA Farmer

“I used BioActivator on my soybeans two times and I got better yields than all my neighbors! There is a night and day difference between my field and all my neighbors. I’m simply blown away by Gro- BioActivator !” James, AR Farmer

“We have been using Clean Green products for several years now with excellent results. Last year was the first time we had used their new product C4 (Gro-Energizer. We used it on our corn in a side-by-side trial and with the Bio-Activator treated corn did 22 bu better! This product is the best bang for the buck foliar we have ever seen!” -Daniel, GA Farm CO OP

4200 acres dry land corn seven plants to a ft. Normally would not survive the pressure, but your Gro (C4-Minitec- PGS) program made the difference. . This was 280 bu/acre Gro Energizer has C4 PGS at preplant with dry fertilizer . At 3 to 4 inches Gro ( C4 and PGS) with liquid fertilizer and round up. At chest high 10 leaf again Gro-C4, PGS and another liquid fertilizer. Finally at the silk stage C4 PGS and it was a dry year. “Amazing result just amazing Bud G SD

“This year using BioActivator on our Corn averaged 40bu better! This is an excellent product!” -Mark

"I've never seen anything work like this, I applied in January 2018 and it greened up immediately. The cows have been grazing on it since then and cant graze it down. I am recommending this to all my friends." Manual Folsom, Mayo Fl. 2018

I can see a big difference my oats, they a greener and doing great. I am ordering for my other fields. John Merritt SC 2018

Dennis Gilbert This is my first time to use it but I put it on two green fields, right down the center, 25 feet wide. After two weeks it was obvious that those sections were growing much better, much greener. I went back and sprayed the entire fields and they all are doing better.   Independent Face book post 2019

My hay field is by the road so every time my neighbors drive by they can see the difference. They have been asking what I put on the hay field to make it look so good. My son thought I had fallen for some snake oil so I sprayed a corner of one of his fields. After he saw the results , he told me he was calling you to order some for all his 300 acres. Garrett Q UnionTown PA 2017


AgriTec is a family owned business since 1976. We take pride in providing the best solutions to farmers and helping to produce more than ever before. These are only a few of the products that we carry.

Please call to find out pricing, and to speak with a soil advisor to determine what would best fills your needs.

Call: 888-953-3379 to speak with the state rep

Or call: 833-AGRITEC (833-247-4832) to speak with the main office




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